What’s The Message?

This month we are celebrating the Holy Spirit in the world and our lives. The Spirit lives within us and is working in the world today to expand the Kingdom and help us feel and understand the love of God in our own heart.  

What Happens?

Pre-K & Elementary age children will enjoy music that’s upbeat and fun along with interactive activities, wacky games, and worship time that provide an exciting way to hear from God and respond.

Preschoolers, ages two-three year, with their leaders join the elementary age for music, then have their own style of worship time with messages appropriate for their age and play time special for them. Both ages are looking at the story of the Good Shepherd appropriate for their developmental level.

It’s worship services for children ages two and up. Children can be dropped off in the Student Ministers Center at 10:40 a.m.

intergenerational worship 

Intergenerational Worship is the 1st Sunday of each month, where families worship together on Communion Sunday. Children will join adults in worship with activities to work on that help connect them to the worship service and message of the day. All other Sundays, children are worshiping in the Student Ministries Building.


Where is Worship?

Go here to see pictures of our elementary worship space for children held in the Student Ministries space on the north side of Elkhorn Village.  The preschool room is also located in this center.




Each week parents get a Fridge Note with family devotion idea that will help the whole family remember their worship experience all week long.