Opportunties to Serve at Harrison Elementary

Join the Harrison After-School Mentoring Team:

Harrison Elementary School in downtown Lexington, made history four years ago under the leadership of their Principal and our Praise Team Member,  Tammie Franks!  Principal Franks, with the work of diligent teachers, and staff alongside parents assisted children in raising the overall Math scores from 28% proficient to 80% and reading from 26% to 76% proficient!  They continue to pave the way for schools with less advantaged communities.

With the encouragement of Principal Franks, Christ Church started an after-school mentoring program seven years ago, graduating our first Kindergarteners two years ago as they entered Middle School.  This ministry meets with children once-a-week starting in October and runs throughout the rest of the school year, mentoring children that need special support, love, and care.

Here’s how you can get involved:

Sponsor A Child

Help support the mentors by coming alongside their mentor to help with special things the child might need. Harrison has over 96% of its population qualifying for free or reduced meals. You can come alongside these families and help a child in need. There are lots of different ways to help.  Contact Nancy Martin, nmartin2101(at)msn.com.

Snack Helper

Join a rotation of helpers that put together individual snack bags that the children can enjoy during their after-school time with mentors.  Children look forward to snack time and it gives them a boost after a long day of school, making them ready for the reading, fun, Bible lesson and mentorship that’s to come!  Contact Nancy Martin, nmartin2101(at)msn.com for more information or to sign up.

School Supplies

Christ Church will join others in the community to help furnish school supplies that are needed for this school that serves some of our most impoverished students in Lexington.  Email office@christchurchlex.com to find out what is specifically needed.

Go Back To School – Be A Mentor

Be a mentor that meets weekly with a child for friendship, reading help, and sharing Christ.  It’s a relationship that forever changes both the child and the mentor.  It’s both fun and challenging at times, but always a blessing as you share your life with a child.  Mentors work together to build relationships; it’s a team effort.  The day consists of snack, down time, and recreation, when you can catch-up with your child and play together.  Reading time gives you an opportunity to encourage their academic work and Bible and prayer time helps you nurture their relationship with Christ.  Mentoring starts mid-October and lasts through the first of May.  For more information, contact, Brenda Story, brenda(at)christchurchlex.comSafe Sanctuary Training and background checks are required. 

NEW Ministries to the neighborhood

Tutoring On Mission

Tutoring on Mission is a minister to the children and their siblings in the neighborhood. Come give your time to help students get their homework completed. This will give them an advantage at school that they haven’t had.  Go here to find out more.

Summer Add-Ups

Join part of the team that will create a fun learning environment called Summer Add-Ups that help families encourage their kids to keep up their reading and math skills over the summer. It also helps us stay connected and get-to-know the whole family. Summer Add-Ups will meet once a week and is completed for 2016. Contact Martha Shannon for more information about next year, campshannon21@gmail.