Local Mission

“One Mission”

The Mission of God is the One Mission which we serve at Christ Church. We understand everything we do to be in service to the Heavenly Father’s outreach to a dying world through the gift of his Son, Jesus Christ and the presence of the Holy Spirit. As part of that one mission we are called to serve, we partner with various agencies and ministries we believe do an excellent job of offering Christ right here in Lexington.



Christ Church Serving – Get connected to some of the pressing mission needs through the local church where we offer Christ to people right here on the corner of Harrodsburg Rd. and Man ‘O War. Are You Serving? link.


Room In the Inn provides friendship, food, and shelter for homeless men in Lexington during the cold, winter months. For more information contact office@christchurchlex.com.


The Jesus Cupboard provides emergency food for those in need in Lexington. This program can also provide gas and bus money for those that need help with transportation. For more information contact Joanne Rojas, lacasarojas(at)gmail.com.


Harrison Elementary After-School Mentoring Ministry for children ages K-5th grades runs throughout the school year. Harrison is a school that serves some of the poorest children in Lexington.
To learn more about joining this team, go here.


Tutoring on Mission helps students in the Smithtown neighborhood where we have been ministering for over nine years get an advantage that they don’t currently have to get homework done and receive
tutoring help. Go here to learn more.


Assurance Care Center is a program involved in the care and aid of pregnant women. It is a place of refuge where questions can be answered and guidance can be sought, without worry or prejudice. Assurance provides on-site medical-grade pregnancy tests, limited obstetric ultrasounds, and referrals to reliable medical providers for continuing care. For more information contact Heather Bush, jimmy_and_heather(at)yahoo.com or visit,  www.assurancecare.org.


The Nathaniel Mission, a United Methodist mission, operates a free clinic, provides a place for spiritual growth, overall holistic care, and is actively involved in strengthening its neighbors in need, through a variety of different programs. For more information contact Pastor Randy, pastorrandy(at)christchurchlex.com, or visit www.nathanielmission.org.


Campus Outreach Lexington is a College ministry focused in empowering young adults to engage in God’s mission by using their talents. By disciple making, Campus Outreach works to equip graduates in order to provide leadership in every sphere of influence (the church, medicine, community, business, education, missions, etc.), at home and around the world. Visit www.colex.org.