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Sunday, June 24th, the Church Council met to consider a recommendation from the Trustees about a parcel of land for sale. The plot is on Harrodsburg Road approximately 3 miles south of our current location. After discussion and consideration, the council agreed to move forward in the process of negotiating a contract on the land with several contingencies. There are several procedures that must be followed before a final contract can be valid which is why there are contingencies in the negotiating process. The contract must be approved at a Charge Conference, and the United Methodist Lexington District must also give its approval upon the location and contract.

The Church Council and Church Leadership are grateful for the participation and feedback from the congregation during the Town Hall meetings about this land on July 10th and August 5th.  To be the best stewards with that which God has entrusted to us and to fully discern God’s future for us, on Sunday, August 12th, the Church Council made the decision to postpone the Charge Conference until Sunday, October 21st.  This decision was made in accordance with the church’s Ministry Action Plan (MAP) to finish the work of pursuing all possible locations and to give additional time listening to God’s direction.

During this time, the Church Trustees along with our real estate broker will be working on getting the contract on the property ready for consideration at the Charge Conference, October 21st. Please continue to be vigilant in prayer about this next step in being obedient to who God is calling us to be as Christ Church.

[revised August 12, 2018]

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