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Lots of Pictures

These are various pictures from the team’s time in Costa Rica.  Some show the progress of the building project, some show us at the different churches we visited, some show us at Jaurri playing with the children, and some show us enjoying the beauty of God’s creation.

Heading home

We are at the airport in San Jose waiting to to board our flight home.   It has been a great trip and experience for the group.  This morning we had a short dedication time for the building we have been working to finish.   More pictures from our time in Costa Rica will be posted in the coming week. Thank you all for your prayers and support.

Work, Ministry & Play

We finished up most of the work projects on Friday including the last concrete pour for the building floor.  We estimated that the floor took about 555 wheel barrow loads of concrete!  There is a little bit more painting on the columns to finish on Monday and two more benches to assemble. After the long hard work week, everyone greatly appreciated the trip to the hot springs resort on Friday

Church at Jaurri

Jaurri is a small community just outside La Fortuna.  It is a farming community that is not as affluent as most from town.  In the evenings we practiced some songs to sing at the service.  Some got to ride to the church in an authentically Costa Rican way.  The first three songs were in English and the last was a song in Spanish titled Ven Espiritu Ven (Come Spirit Come).

Working, working, working!

We have been hard at work this week.  The carpentry team has been cutting, chiseling, routing, and sanding wood to build benches for the new building.  The painting team has been smoothing the columns and painting them white and blue. The concrete team has been leveling dirt, attaching forms, shoveling rock and sand into the mixer and moving A LOT of concrete to pour the floor of the building and

Costa Rica Update

We have been adjusting to the heat and humidity of Costa Rica over the weekend.  Recovering from the travel and getting used to all the newness (including big bugs).  Saturday, we walked up the road from camp to the Fortuna River Waterfall.  It rained on the walk then stopped.  We ate lunch at the top of the mountain.  Then it rained more as we hiked down to the waterfall.  Most

Estamos aqui en Costa Rica

We have finished our very long day of travel (feels like two days).  Our flight from Charlotte to San Jose arrived late and the bus to camp was also late.  We got to Campamento Casi Cielo at 6:30 local time (8:30 Eastern daylight time).  A great meal of chicken and rice, fresh made chips, beans and salad renewed spirits.  Everyone was ready to get into their cabins, take a shower


The trip has begun.  We have completed the first leg of travel for the day-flight from Cincinnati to Charlotte, NC.  The next leg of the journey is the flight to San Jose, Costa Rica. Hopefully will be able to update after we land in Costa Rica. Stay tuned…

Information for Prayer Partners

Thank you for supporting the Costa Rica Mission Team through your prayers.  We are encouraged and strengthened knowing you are praying for us.  To give direction to your prayers for us, use the resources below.  The first page is a summary of how to pray for the team and individuals.  The second page is the team itinerary so you can know specifically how to pray for what the group is

One Week Away!

Next Friday the mission team will be gathering in the very early hours of the morning to head to the Cincinnati Airport.  We will arrive in San Jose, Costa Rica in the early afternoon and take a bus to Camp Casi Cielo near La Fortuna, Costa Rica.  At the camp, we will be working to finish the last building project-a dining facility.  We will  primarily be mixing, moving, and pouring

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