Nursery Caregiver Position & Application

Christ Church Employment Application For Nursery Position

Thank you for your interest in our nursery caregiver position.

This is a part-time nursery position caring for children ages infants to two-year-olds.  The caregiver works alongside volunteers in our nursery during the Sunday morning worship service. The nursery caregiver is a critical hospitality and care position that requires a love of babies and an appreciation for young families and their needs. Be a part of the Children & Family Team that sees this position as vital to the community life of Christ Church.

Requirements: Prior childcare experience with infants and young toddlers and a love of babies is a must. CPR certification is a plus. However, Christ Church will pay for the time and expense to be trained if needed. The person must be able to work well with a team of volunteers and feel comfortable interacting with parents and new people.

Hours Needed: This position is needed Sundays, 10:40 am to 12:30 pm. It pays a flat rate for each Sunday.  Other opportunities to take a shift are available during special worship services, training, or meeting times throughout the year, but are not required. 

Download the application and return the completed form to the email below.

Email to:, Subject Line: Nursery Application. You will be notified when your application is received. Thank you.

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