Costa Rica Update

We have been adjusting to the heat and humidity of Costa Rica over the weekend.  Recovering from the travel and getting used to all the newness (including big bugs).  Saturday, we walked up the road from camp to the Fortuna River Waterfall.  It rained on the walk then stopped.  We ate lunch at the top of the mountain.  Then it rained more as we hiked down to the waterfall.  Most of the group enjoyed swimming in the cold water.  Last night we enjoyed some more of the great Costa Rican food served by camp. Also, we got to celebrate John Otts birthday with cake, ice cream and a piñata.

Today, we went to church in town at 10am.  It was a great service and very good for the group to experience our Costa Rican brothers and sisters style of worship.  When the service ended at 1230pm we divided into groups to find places to eat.  We are eating pizza at camp tonight and looking forward to beginning work tomorrow.

Author: andy

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