As we conclude our series Encountering Jesus, we invite you to consider three steps to open your spirit to regular experiences with Christ like those that we heard about in the message series. Though they were able to encounter Jesus in the flesh, God did not intend for encounters with Jesus to stop once Christ returned to the Father. As we heard Sunday, God has given His Holy Spirit to us to help interpret God’s place in our life situations. Here are three ancient life rhythms for a disciple of Christ. 

  1. Begin setting aside a time daily to be with God to pray and read the Bible. Find a relaxed time and a solitary place free from distractions. Read God’s words by engaging with the Bible. There are several options: use a Bible reading plan, a book about God, or begin with a Bible 101 type study. Ask God in prayer to reveal important things for you from your reading. Tell God all that is on your mind that day.John 15:1-5
  2. Begin incorporating time with other believers into your life. Prioritize a time to worship weekly and a time to share your God experiences with others that are seeking to encounter Jesus as well. Hebrews 10:24-25  
  3. Begin being “on mission” for God. Look for ways to serve the least, provide hope and help to those that are in need by sharing God’s love to your neighbors. . Matthew 22:37-39  

As you draw near to God, come with an attitude of expectancy, believing that God can reach you and can speak to your heart. Contact Pastor Tim or Pastor Brenda for additional resources on how to connect with God. 

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