Facility Team

We are excited that you are here to check out this team! See positions and descriptions below.

  • Supply OrderingResponsibilities: Maintain checklist of supplies for kitchen, bathrooms, building maintenance, coordinate with staff to order supplies / Skill Set: organized, independent worker, behind-the-scenes, helper / Commitment: 1 year
  • Vehicle Support: Responsibilities: Maintain Bus schedule, bus/lawn mower repairs / Skill Set: Organized, Calendar oriented / Commitment: 1 year
  • Outside Use coordinator: Responsibilities: Organize use of property, care of lawn and landscaping / Skill Set: Attention to detail, enjoy working with the public
  • Lawn & Landscape: Responsibilities: Lawn & arboriculture, outdoor work, weeding / Commitment: 1 year with a team of several coordinating responsibilities, enjoy weeding

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