Global Mission

“One Mission”

The Mission of God is the One Mission which we serve at Christ Church. We understand everything we do to be in service to the Heavenly Father’s outreach to a dying world through the gift of his Son, Jesus Christ and the presence of the Holy Spirit. As part of that one mission we are called to serve, we partner with various agencies and ministries we believe do an excellent job of offering Christ in places around the world.

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Ben Bowman

Ben is very busy in Wilmore Kentucky on and extended semi sabbatical. He is working on his Doctoral Thesis in Transformative Teaching. He continues to work with several young men in friendship discipleship. He is continuing his ministry with Teach Beyond involved in several national and international virtual meetings and planning sessions to facilitate new and older teachers mainly in the European theater. Pray that God might give him wisdom in the division of his time
and resources as he works for the Kingdom of God through education and discipleship.

Gospel Friends – Ghuna Kumar

Ghuna Kumar is the founder Gospel Friends ministries:
Gospel Friends reaches out to communities throughout India through Seminary Training facilities Teaching women to sew and providing them with machines and other
basics so they might gain a useful skill in Indian society Orphanages gathering and touching the lives of abandoned children throughout the mega-cities of India Evangelistic Crusades throughout southern India.

John & Bessie Ott – La Fortuna, Costa Rica

John and Bessie serve the Lord from their home base in La Fortuna, Costa Rica. Most recent projects include, creating a sustainable water source and a church for a local community shut off from many basic services. They lead teams to help construct local houses of worship and serve communities near La Fortuna.

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