The physical work is near completion, and we need to prepare ourselves to embrace all that God is calling us to do in and from, our new home?

Who am I going to invite?

What is my job in the church?

Where will I serve outside the church?

Starting at 11 am tomorrow come for Worship until 11:30 am followed by the Launch Event. It is at this Event that you can put in your order or talk to Team Representatives if you are still undecided. It’s a day set-apart to consecrate the work of our Launch into our new facility. We are going to need everyone to do their part; from welcoming in the parking lot, to serving coffee, setting up for worship, working with children & youth, visitor follow up, small group leadership, and mission outreach.

Pick 2 jobs to help launch Christ Church into the new building and expanded ministry to Jessamine and Fayette Counties.

Be praying about being on mission for God.

Who am I going to invite?

What is my job inside the church?

Where is my ministry outside the church?

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