God has something big for us at the corner of Harrodsburg and Catnip Hill!

The physical work is near completion, and we need to prepare ourselves to embrace all that God is calling us to do in and from, our new home?

Who am I going to invite?

What is my job in the church?

Where will I serve outside the church?

Mark your calendars for Sunday, November 14th after worship for the Launch Fair. Grab a lunch-to-go and discover where you can sign-up to serve in our new building.

We are going to need everyone to do their part; from welcoming in the parking lot, to serving coffee, setting up for worship, working with children & youth, visitor follow up, small group leadership, and mission outreach.

There will be opportunities big and small and in-between for every child, youth, and adult to be connected to the mission.

Please pray about what you can do and be ready to answer Gods’ call on November 14th.

Who am I going to invite?

What is my job inside the church?

Where is my ministry outside the church?

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