Children & Memory Verses

Christ Church is challenging kids to learn

memory verses.



The more “God’s words” are in your brain, the more you will know about him.

For example, some of you know every word in the movie Frozen, some of you know every level in a video game, others of you know every scene in a favorite book. Think about how much more you would know God if you had scripture in your mind, like the lyrics from a song or levels on a video game.

Also, think about how much more vocabulary the Holy Spirit can use to talk to you. We learn vocabulary in school, learning scripture is learning God’s vocabulary.  I think it’s the most important thing we can memorize.  

What if you are afraid? If you knew the verse below, when you become afraid, your mind with the help of God’s Spirit, will probably remember the verse and you’ll think of it suddenly and become less frightened.  

“Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you…” Isaiah 41:10

God is telling you in this verse that you are not alone, God is with you and God will help you.


Another reason that a child like yourself came up with was this:

“It’s there when you need it!”

So, let’s memorize scripture!

Also, there’s a reward in Children’s Worship for anyone who knows the monthly verse because we think it’s really important, and we want to encourage you in any way we can. So have fun with it and see you Sunday.

*Challenge for the Whole Family

Learn it together!



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