Safe Sanctuaries

God has called us to make our ministries safe, protecting our children, youth, and vulnerable
adults from abuse and exploitation. God has also called us to create communities of faith where
children, youth, and vulnerable adults can be safe and grow strong.

We recognize that our faith calls us to offer hospitality and protection to all children, youth, and vulnerable adults, as well as those who are committed to ministering to them as volunteers and employees. In light of this, Christ Church has seen fit to outline policies and procedures that can1) help prevent such abuse from happening in our churches; 2) be a place where children can feel safe in disclosing abuse; and 3) protect the loyal volunteers and employees that minister to our children, youth and vulnerable adults.

This policy sets forth requirements in the areas of;
1) Screening
2) Supervision
3) Reporting
4) Response Plan.

First steps for qualifying as a Safe Sanctuaries trained volunteer:

REQUIREMENTS: A person must have been active in the Christ Church community for six months, be Safe Sanctuary trained, and have been through the screening process.

Training: Training from a staff member at Christ Church takes place in an hour block usually with other volunteers.


  • Standard contact information
  • Review of experience/qualifications for the position
  • Voluntary disclosure of past criminal history, including any criminal charges and/or
  • Waiver of confidentiality allowing the church to secure the background checks and
    references necessary
  • All staff and volunteers will have a National background screening check performed
    before service begins.

Contact to begin the process.

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