Summer @ Home with God for Children!

Scripture & God-Time Helps & Information:

  • Things that they need: Equip your child with a Bible, journal & help them find a quiet safe space to be alone with God. (If they are not a reader, read the story to them and then let them be alone with God to draw and pray about their thoughts.
  • Instruction for your child: Tell them to find that special space and have their journal and Bible. Begin asking God to speak to them, then tell them to read the scripture and journal about it. Journaling means writing the most interesting thing about the scripture they just read. Many times that is God’s Spirit speaking to them through that “most interesting thing or AHA”. Have them write it or draw it. They can pray about anything they want about journaling or anything else in life.
  • Monthly: At the end of each month, they can show me their journal and scripture memorized for a prize.
  • At the end of the summer: At the end of August, your child will get a gift card for completing all three months of the God-Time habit-builder sessions.
  • Build on their effort: Encourage them to do God-Time several times during the week, contact Brenda if you need additional scripture reading ideas. Model it for them over the summer. Maybe set aside a time when you and your child do it at the same time of the day.
  • Remember to show grace: This habit is something that takes time. Be an encourager, not a critic. Praise your child for any time spent with God, and realize that they may or may not want to show you their journals—respect where they are as children. Five minutes is a reasonable amount of time, especially as they are experimenting with this new time.

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Contact: Pastor Brenda Story,

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