Have you ever given a blessing? Have you ever been blessed?

And no, this doesn’t refer to a “blessing” for dinner.

This type of blessing comes directly from God and His design for humanity. Blessings can encompass elements of love, spoken affirmation, and unique encouragement from a parent to their children.

Perhaps you’ve heard of it within the Old Testament or other parts of the Bible. And, you might be thinking to yourself….That seems outdated or like something that doesn’t matter to me anymore.

If you have, you’re not alone. However, while blessings contain roots in ancient history, they still serve a very purposeful role in our world and even in your life. When we bless our children, especially during important milestones in their lives we are reminding them of their identity with God and God’s plan for their lives and the assurance that the Holy Spirit goes with them.

Blessings also help parents say what they see in their child that they are thankful for and excited about. Imagine getting a blessing from your parent or remembering a time when you did.

It is impactful and sticks with us in those darker times when we find ourselves in an awkward, scary, or difficult time in life. God will help the words to come back to our memories.

The blessing as described in Scripture always included five elements:

1. Meaningful and appropriate touch

2. A spoken message

3. Attaching high value to the one being blessed

4. Picturing a special future for him or her

5. An active commitment to fulfill the blessing

Go HERE to take a closer look at each element of a Blessing.

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