Work, Ministry & Play

We finished up most of the work projects on Friday including the last concrete pour for the building floor.  We estimated that the floor took about 555 wheel barrow loads of concrete!  There is a little bit more painting on the columns to finish on Monday and two more benches to assemble.

After the long hard work week, everyone greatly appreciated the trip to the hot springs resort on Friday night.  We enjoyed a good dinner and some relaxing hot water.

On Saturday, we went out to Jaurri again for a ministry time with the children.  About 19 children from the community gathered with us for singing, a skit about Noah´s Ark and trusting God, balloon games, lunch, and the Good Shepherd Bible story after lunch.  The time went really well and both the Jaurri kids and our group began to bond during the time.  It was a very meaningful experience.  Before we left, we played them in a game of kickball.

Some of the adventerous ones in the group walked to the swimming hole on Saturday on the way back from Jaurri.  Several of the youth even tried out the rope swing.

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