The Christmas story is riddled with the most unusual and fascinating characters. During the season of Advent, our messages will provide insight and application from the cast that appeared on that first Christmas. The character number one in the Christmas story is Zechariah who performed his duties as priest, yet God interrupted his tasks with a divine announcement. The way he received the important news left him literally speechless!  Watch online this Sunday morning and find out why!

The current COVID-19 response level makes us feel very isolated. Christ Church is now providing ways to keep connected to you. Below see how to gather with us virtually for worship on Sundays at 11:30 a.m. Also join others in a small group environment. See online groups.

Worship Sundays at 11:30 a.m.

In-Person Worship Temporarily Suspended

We will be worshipping only on-line to support the state’s effort to manage the effects of our current spike in C-19. We believe this decision affirms love for our neighbor and is a witness to our church’s willingness to sacrifice for the common good of our community. Thank you for your understanding as we share the love of Jesus Christ by being “helpful and hopeful” for the days ahead.

Online Worship:

Stream on Facebook Live from the Christ Church page here.

Children’s Worship Helps For Virtual or In-Person Worship

Updated on Saturday for Sunday’s worship & devotion theme for the week. Find downloadable worship aids in the Parent Rooms.

Preschool Worship & Play Rooms here. Preschool Parent Room here.

Elementary Worship Rooms here. Elementary Parent Room here.

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