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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the ministers at Christ Church?

At Christ Church, we believe every child of God has the capacity, gifts, and responsibility to serve and build up the church locally and globally. Every born-again believer, whether they are a vocational minister or a member of the congregation, is a minister of the gospel.
It’s the honor and responsibility of the pastoral and leadership teams to help develop the gifts of the members of Christ Church to build up each other’s faith and stir each other to glorify Jesus wherever we live, work, and play.

Our government structure?

Christ Church is led by staff and non-staff members of the congregation. The following are the main leadership teams and their leaders in Christ Church:

Staff: The greatest joy and responsibility of the staff at Christ Church is to use their gifts and talents to build up and empower the congregation to carry out the mission of Jesus Christ. We want to make disciples of all nations, create environments and ministry opportunities that glorify Jesus, and stir the members of our spiritual family so they’ll display the power of the gospel wherever they live, work, and play.

Church Council: Christ Church is led by this team made up of the representatives of the main ministries of the church that prayerfully help, discern, and make strategic and organizational decisions in our community of faith. These are people committed to the cause of Jesus who have a heart for service and a sense of urgency to reach the lost by the power of Jesus through each of the different expressions of Christ Church.

Below is a list of the current members of Christ Church’s Church Council:

  • Church Council Chair — Jimmy Bush 
  • Staff-Parish Relations Chair — Travis Painter                                                
  • Finance Committee Chair — Sharon Prevette
  • Treasurer — Marianne Bush
  • Recording Secretary — Sarah Painter
  • Youth Representative — Layna Bush
  • Senior Adult Representative — Rick Dalton
  • Mission Team Chair — John Miller
  • Youth Ministry Team Chair — Holly Wenning 
  • Children/Family Ministry Team Chair — Heather Bush 
  • Youth Pastor — Andy McSpadden
  • Children/Family Pastor — Brenda Story
  • Lead Pastor — Marco Ballesteros

Staff-Parish Relations Committee: As its name says, this is the team responsible for ensuring there is a healthy relationship between the staff members and the congregation, as well as hiring and firing staff members. It is also responsible to ensure the staff’s spiritual and emotional health. In a few words, this team has similar responsibilities to those of the Human Resources Department.

Trustees: They are responsible for the stewardship of the physical assets of the congregation and the legal aspects related to the property at Christ Church. Their responsibilities also involve ensuring the safety and security of the building and the church property.

Nominations Committee: The team responsible for prayerfully recruiting the leadership and team members of the official teams and committees at Christ Church.

Prayer Team: This team is responsible for mobilizing congregation members to cover the church with prayers, supplications, and thanksgiving.

Missions Team: They are responsible for prayerfully identifying, nurturing, and envisioning ministry opportunities for our community of faith to serve and invest in the lives of the “least of these.”

Children and Family: Our team believes the spiritual growth of children (and teens) begins at home, so we see our role as coming alongside the family. We provide experiences and milestones that help children seek out and follow Jesus. For parents, we want to equip and support them as they share their faith stories and experiences with their families and live as Jesus’ followers wherever they live, work, and play.

Youth Ministry: Christ Church Youth is a community for middle and high school students that are called to reach out and care for students in love so together they may mature in their faith and act on the teachings of Christ in order to elevate the Lord!

Does Christ Church have a denominational affiliation?

Christ Church formally parted ways from the United Methodist Church in June of 2023 and is in the process of discerning whether God is calling us to join a denomination. To make this decision, the leadership of the church realized the need to update the vision, mission, and values as a local congregation. In the meantime, the leadership is in the process of identifying denominations and church networks that would naturally resonate with the spiritual DNA of our community of faith. Please join us in prayer as we discern whether God calls us to join a denomination. Specific deadlines for discerning whether we will affiliate with a denomination will be shared with the congregation by February 2024.

How does Christ Church ensure the spiritual and relational health of the congregation and their leaders?

Since the creation of Christ Church, has embraced the tenets of the Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church. After our disaffiliation from the UMC, we continue to function according to the standards set for the local church by the 2016 book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church that still apply to our congregation beyond the time of our disaffiliation from the UMC in the sections. We’re excited about the future God has ahead of us and realize that our leadership and organizational structure need to adapt to accomplish the great works God has ahead of us. Because of our new stage of life as a church, we’re in the process of adjusting the leadership structure and church governance model.

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